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BeanBag Games Spud

( BeanBag, Chase and Catch, Tag, Team Wars and Battle )

This is a combination of Call Ball and Ball Tag with scoring and penalties added. It is very popular with boys of almost any age.

The players stand in a group with one in the center holding the ball. The center player drops the ball at the same time calling the name of one of the other players. All but the one called immediately scatter as they are liable to be tagged with the ball. The player called secures the ball as quickly as possible and tries to hit one of the other players with it. He may not run to do this but must stand where he secured the ball. If he misses he secures the ball stands where he gets it and tries again the other players fleeing from him as before. If he hits a player that one immediately secures the ball tries to hit some one else with it the second one hit tries to hit a third and so on.

Whenever a player misses hitting another with the ball it is called a “spud ” and counts one against him. When any player has three spuds against him he must stand twenty feet from the other players with his back to them and they each have one shot at him with the ball. The victim then starts the play again from the center of the ground.

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