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Chase and Catch Games Ball Stand

( Chase and Catch, Handball, Tennis Ball )

This game is started by tossing a ball against a wall or on the roof of a house from which it may roll back. The players all stand in a group or row from ten to twenty feet from the wall. One of the number is chosen as thrower and tosses the ball as indicated at the same moment calling the name of one of the other players. This player must dash forward and catch the ball before it strikes the ground while at the same moment all of the other players run as far away as possible. Should the one called succeed in catching the ball the players come back and the thrower throws again calling the name of some other player. Should the one whose name is called fail however to catch the ball he calls out “Stand ” upon which the others must stop in their flight. The ball man then picks up the ball and from where he stands throws it in his turn at one of the players. Any player so hit calls out “Hit ” and becomes at once the ball man. The other players immediately run again without returning to the wall but stop as soon as the one hit calls “Stand ” which he must do upon picking up the ball.

This is continued until the ball fails to hit one of the players when all return to the original starting place where the last thrower of the ball throws it against the wall and the game begins again.

The players in their flight the object of which of course is to diminish the chances of being hit by the ball may run behind any obstacle such as a bush or around the corner of a house but in any such case must extend a hand so it shall be visible beyond this obstacle that the ball man may still have an opportunity to hit them.

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