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Call and Response Games Numbers Change

( Call and Response, Chase and Catch, Choreographed, Circle and Breakthrough )

The players stand in a large circle and are numbered consecutively. One player takes his place in the center. He calls two numbers and the players whose numbers are called must change places while the center player tries to secure one of their places. The one who is left without a place changes places with the center player.

FOR THE SCHOOLROOM.–This game may be adapted by selecting two players as chasers who take their places in the front of the room. These players are not blindfolded as in the parlor form of the game. All of the other players are seated having been numbered. The teacher calls two numbers when the players bearing those numbers must rise at once and exchange seats the two chasers trying to catch them before they can get to their seats.

When a game is played under these circumstances it is not permissible for the chaser to take a vacant seat he must catch the player who is running for it. No player having once left his own seat may return to it but must keep up the chase until he is caught or reaches the seat for which he is running.

This game gives opportunity for some very lively chasing with good running and dodging up and down the aisles. As in all running games in the class room the seated players should keep their feet out of the aisles.

For young children it may be found desirable to have only one chaser. It generally adds to the interest of the game to have a general exchange of seats at the opening of the game immediately after the numbers have been assigned and before the chasing is commenced as then the person who calls the numbers is at a loss to know how near or distant those called may be in relation to each other and this element adds much to the sport of the game.

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