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Chase and Catch Games Ball Chase

( Chase and Catch, Handball, Physical Contest, Running, Tag )

A row of caps is set against a wall or fence or a series of holes dug in the ground. At a point ten or twenty feet from these all of the players stand and one selected as thrower throws a ball into one of the caps or holes. Any substitute may be used for a ball such as a small block of wood or a stone. Should he miss he repeats the throw until he succeeds. As soon as a ball lands in a cap the owner of the cap runs away and all of the others chase him until caught.

It will be seen that this game may best be played where there is opportunity for considerable dodging around and behind obstacles. The player being chased is exempt if he can get back to his own cap before being caught by the others. If caught however he becomes thrower for the next round otherwise the first thrower continues in that position.

In a gymnasium a series of circles may be drawn on the floor in place of the holes or caps and a bean bag tossed into them.

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