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Call and Response Games Tommy Tiddlers Ground

( Call and Response, Chase and Catch, Circle and Breakthrough, Tag )

The ground is divided by a line into two equal parts. One of these belongs to Tommy Tiddler who stands on his side of the line and may not cross it. All of the other players are on the other side of the line and venture across the line into Tommy Tiddlers ground taunting him with the remark —

“Im on Tommy Tiddlers ground
Picking up gold and silver ”

Tommy may tag any one on his ground and any one so tagged changes places with him. The players will learn to add to the interest of the game by venturing as near Tommy Tiddler as possible and being very tantalizing in inducing him to run after them. Tommy Tiddler on his part will find opportunity for considerable finesse such as in appearing to give his attention entirely to one player then suddenly turning and dashing for another.

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