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Chase and Catch Games Schoolroom Tag

( Chase and Catch, Physical Contest, Tag )

A circle about three feet in diameter is drawn on the floor in the front of the room and serves as a goal. One player is chosen to be It and stands ten feet from the goal. The other players sit at their desks. The one who is It calls the name of some player who must at once rise and try to run through the goal and return to his seat without being tagged. In order to do this he may have to make quite a detour before passing through the goal or he may be able to run through it at the opening of the chase. The chaser must also run through the goal before he may tag the runner. If the chaser succeeds in tagging the runner he continues to be chaser and calls the name of another player to run. If the runner gets to his seat without being tagged he changes places with the other and becomes It.

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