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Bluffing Games Guess Who

( Bluffing, Choreographed, Guessing )

Where there are more than ten players it is desirable to have them separated into several groups. Each group has a leader and lines up in rank (side by side) with the leader in the middle. One odd player stands in front of the line facing it.

The odd player asks — “Have you seen my friend ”
The line answers “No.”
First player — “Will you go and find him ”
“Put your finger on your lips and follow me ”

The player in front then turns around and with finger to his lips runs to another part of the ground all of the row falling in behind and following him each player with finger on lips. When they have reached a new position the first player stops with his back to the line which re-forms in a new order under the direction of its leader so that the players do not stand in the same relative positions as when the odd player faced the line. One player from the row selected by the leader now steps forward behind the odd player and says trying to disguise his voice “Guess who stands behind you ”

If the odd player guesses correctly he retains his position turns around and the dialogue begins over again. If the guess be wrong the one who is It changes places with the one whose name he failed to guess.

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